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Fundraising AT people is all wrong. Here’s why.

A new restatement of the issues in the context of the launch of the Commission.  .   The basic problem with much of fundraising today is that we fundraise AT people.   Should we start by thinking of donors as existing to meet the charity’s needs?   Or should we start by thinking about meeting donors desires to […]

A brief history of fundraising

My most complete post.   The origins of fundraising.   How things went wrong.  Fundraising becoming about ‘technique’, not connecting with donors.   And short-termism instead of long-term thinking.   The collapse of the fundraising edifice in 20215. And finally, hope for the future.

The unhappy Philanthropist

A post about recognition of donors   A serious bog, that tries to get under the skin of why philanthropists give and how we recognise them. Sometimes, exceptionally.   Sometimes abysmally.   It gives examples of great practice, often from the USA, and some suggestions of how we might all do better

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