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Over my lifetime in fundraising, I have developed a philosophy of fundraising which can be summarised as follows;


Fundraising is not just about asking for money.   It is not begging.   Of course money is a key part of the fundraising process, indeed the measure by which fundraising and fundraisers are judged.   But increasingly the successful fundraiser is is the one who understands the essential relationship between donor and cause, and sees donors as partners in meeting the need.

The role of the fundraiser is to build real, meaningful relationships that satisfy the donor, as well as optimising income for the cause.


Central to this is the concept of Stewardship.   I define Stewardship as the ongoing process of nurturing current and past donors with a view to:


  • Making them feel that their gift has been appropriately recognised and valued, and used wisely, prudently and for the agreed purpose.

  • Demonstrating the significance and impact of their gift.

  • Finding ongoing and meaningful ways of helping donors experience the joy of giving
    Stewardship will build productive relationships which meet the needs of both the donor and the Organisation, and which makes the donor want to give again and optimise lifetime value.


 Finally, I believe fundraisers have a responsibility to encourage their Organisations to be aspirational in their Missions and Objectives, and not to be constrained by the limitations of incremental fundraising.   Fundraisers Change the World !