The basic problem with much fundraising today is that we fundraise at people

The charity does important work.   It needs money.   So it employs fundraisers.   They use techniques, even ‘products’ to raise money.   Donors are the means to the end.

There is another way of looking at fundraising.

A donor who has a great experience of the charity she supports will give more, give for longer, and be more likely to leave a legacy.

If you believe that, it will change what you do each day

So, don’t start with the needs of the charity.   Start with the motivations, the needs, desires and aspirations of the donor to want to make a difference to the world.   And understand the things she doesn’t like.   If you start there, then you will raise more money for the charity.

The role of the fundraiser is to build real, meaningful relationships that satisfy the donor, and therefore optimise income for the cause.

Every communication with a donor should leave them feeling better after the communication than before it.

At present, often, this is not what happens.

And the philosophy is easy to say but has enormous cultural challenges to make it real.

And although this is philosophy, it will lead to your success, as sure as day follows night.


A total fundraising strategy Where to start.

A major appeal An extraordinary opportunity, that every charity should consider.

Mentoring potential star future fundraising directors, or indeed you, if the chemistry was right.

A Particular project I am totally flexible if I have the right skills