What can I do for you? 

This is about you, not me.

You are exploring ways to increase significantly the voluntary income for your organisation.  You want to do more for your beneficiaries, and get more donors and get them more involved.   If this is not the case, I am not right for you.

Whether you are a fundraising director, or a fundraiser working at the coalface of fundraising, or are the CEO, or Trustee of a not-for-profit, you cannot fail to be aware of its complexity and unknowability, and its dependence is on individual emotion and human relationships. One thing is certain: it is not easy.

There are a number of ways that I might be able to help.

I have a lifetimes’ experience of leading fundraising, and am now looking for a small number of charities, large or small, where we both feel I could make a significant difference.

A total fundraising strategy Where to start.

A major appeal An extraordinary opportunity, that every charity should consider.

Mentoring potential star future fundraising directors, or indeed you, if the chemistry was right.

A Particular project I am totally flexible if I have the right skills


“Giles is without question the leading European fundraising thinker of the last 25 years. He built NSPCC up into one of the most admired UK charities- delivering extraordinary results while re-writing the rules for major campaign strategy. He will undoubtedly bring his keen and insightful mind to any challenge he addresses.”


Bernard Ross Director, The Management Centre



“Giles Pegram is one of the UK’s truly great fundraisers. A world class strategist and thinker he is an inspiration to all those he has contact with. It’s as simple as that.”


Professor Adrian Sargeant, Director of the Hartsook Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy